The brown rat can breed rapidly, producing 6-8 young every 21 days. Rats can often be found anywhere that provides food, water and shelter.

Rats are a significant public health risk; they urinate as they travel and mark their territory.Diseases can then be spread to humans via water sources or food preparation areas.

Firstly, as a point of prevention try to remove all food sources. Good hygiene is essential to deter rodents. Eliminate all gaps and holes on premises, keeping areas clean and tidy whether it is external bin areas, compost sites, neglected wood or overgrown areas. Also, consider the drains and whether they are in a good state of repair.

Should you encounter an infestation our qualified Pest Controllers will happily recommend a proofing and housekeeping strategy which will determine the best course of action for control. This may involve rodenticides or traps or perhaps a combination of both.

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